Exposure: On Coming to Terms with My Broken Bits

This is probably not going to be a normal post.  It may be more raw and guttural than you were expecting.  So if you need something smutty, click on the writing tab at the top.  If you need something funny or lighter then look for the life is good tag on the right side and …

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When you’re ready for it….

So this may seem like a random departure from the last few posts and it may be but it’s still necessary to share with you. I have been thinking a lot about what is next for my life. I’m embracing a million different things because I want to say I’ve tried or done them. I’m …

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give me a minute

i’m not even sure what i want to say right now. i’m feeling just fine truth be told. i’m a little friskier than normal but other than that nothing major is floating through my brain. i just finished phase one of edits–one of which i was QUITE happy about making–and i just want to crawl …

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