my everloving candy

okay it’s been a great 24 hours i promise. late last night, well late for me, it was probably the middle of the day wherever my lovely Roaming Soldier is, i got a ding that makes me smile. He asked me if i knew how much He loved me. Of course i do but it’s always nice to hear so i said nope tell me again. In true Roaming Soldier fashion he replied with “I love you like a fat man loves cake.” It was a nice long conversation and we got flirty and sweet and discussed babies. Somehow the three we had tentatively agreed on became more fluid last night and something short of a baseball team starting line up seemed okay. i went to bed not too long after He signed off smiling more than i have recently. He promised He’d be on later (for Him, next day for me) but the military has a way of screwing up His promises so i wasn’t holding my breath. imagine my surprise after i walked my last client out and i had a recent message from Him. He was able to stay on for a long while too, we talked for two hours for the first time in i don’t know when. it’s nice to be peaceful. that’s what i am when i know He’s okay. and of course when my mind is put to rest then my smutty brain can reignite. for those of you that don’t know what that means just be on the lookout for O is for something or other. i haven’t decided what yet but i have three ideas bouncing around in my head and one of them links back to the alphabet that has already been posted. anyway, life seems a totally different place when i’m reminded of my place with Him. It’s not even that He did or said anything in particular but His presence, albeit digital, was enough to quiet the noisy parts of my brain that get fired up when i hear horrible reports on the soldier death toll in iraq over the last 10 days or when i make the mistake of watching The Unit when i really shouldn’t lol.

i was gonna repost it’s so amazing to be loved but thanks to my buddy who i’ll refer to as GQ i was roaming around youtube and came across the video i posted below. for you Cosby Show freaks/fans you’ll know the episode quickly. If for some reason you were unable to see the Cosby show in all of its glory when it originally aired please enjoy the snippet and try to grab the seasons at your local library. okay well i’m done for now. going to let me brain toss around O.

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