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Welcome to the Greatest Show

A little nod to my favorite petite blond–Christina Aguilera–with the title there. This is where my former blog description will go and any random pertinent information that isn’t really a blog post.

Journey with me as I delve deeper into the submissive aspects of my nature. The Velvet Rope is an homage to Ms. Jackson’s cd in a sense but the similiarities will probably end there. I hope you enjoy yourself as I grow, luxuriate in this experience, and ground myself as so many other submissives have done before me. My service is my gift and I do so because to do otherwise will cause me pain. Read on and feel free to comment.


So as I was perusing this, the only person I’m in even semi regular contact with now is Good Nhyte. I know that Dutch exists and is mostly doing well. I may end up scrapping the cast at some point or making a current cast/former cast designation at some stage. Suffice it to say I’m good and I am also single so the cast is just me.

now introducing…………..

okay i talk about a lot of people in this blog. there’s of course my crazy mother, Emperor, new him, our mutual friend, her significant other, and before now the women with no souls lol, Sidra, and the ex’s. with the exception of Emperor and Sidra no one has a name though. so as this blog continues to blossom and i continue to ramble i figured it would be easier to keep the he’s/she’s straight if they had names. no one has been consulted about their names and some will change as i decide they should. for now here is the cast of characters for Inside the Velvet Rope.

red velvet: the main blogger/babbler as the case may be, 38 year old usually bi except when women get on my nerves, black female submissive

Emperor: first true Dom will be mentioned less frequently now i’m sure unless there’s a massive reason to do so.

Mom: crazy woman that bore red velvet and is living with me now to drive me insane

The Brother/Sister in Law: are rarely discussed here and doubt it will change but they are their titles

Mistress Sidra: taking a blog hiatus but a close friend and one of my sorority sisters, yeah that’s right red’s in a sorority ROFLMAO, don’t try to figure it out from the name or the person from anything i’ve said about her–it will just make your heads hurt for those of you that know me well enough to wonder (not discussed anymore because she has left the lifestyle)

El Stupido: sometimes reference to the former president of the united states but is going to be the new designation for any of my retarded ex’s

green lantern (cyberdiva): either of her names will be used lol but she was a trusted confidante and friend who also happens to be a pretty good sub (not discussed anymore because of reasons)

Night Owl: another good friend whom you already know as “the mutual friend,” she’s up late with me or because of me lol and is a mostly Domme that occassionaly switches (not discussed anymore because no more RS and she kinda vanished)

pillar of patience: actually the new him named his friend this quite by accident, he was referred to as such by new him in an email and it just seems to fit, pillar is the significant other of Night Owl and is mostly submissive–former significant other of Night Owl. (not discussed anymore because no more RS)

Dutch Dom: a former addition to the lineup. As you might guess He’s a Dom and He’s Dutch. He is masterful at the mindfuck and I guess should theoretically be glad that teleporters don’t exist as I’d either be bruised, bound, begging or broke from all of those trips. We are no longer together which sucks for me but life is life and I learned a lot from teh experience.

Mr. Wolf: also a former addition to the lineup, has been referred to as HPP or Havoc previously. He’s newly exploring His dominance and ultimately what that will look like for Him. He’s giving me Daddy Dom right now but evolution is a powerful thing. So you probably won’t hear much about him anymore. We split up and then unfortunately he passed away.

Potential Playmates: I will just call them PP when necessary. Not really into the lifestyle but can make me beg for other things if they pay attention.

Mr. Good Nyhte: an incredibly good friend and a fantastic Dom as best i can tell. his name is stolen from a prince song for those that listen to prince. He was the new Him. i realize that if you haven’t been around lately that this could have been confusing. it wasn’t something either of us was planning but it felt good and i really did enjoy my time with Him. Now we are in a weird place but he listens to me kill kittens and that’s always fun. No more Him but when i get really horny He’s still willing to listen to the kittens die. I should say that we still keep in touch but we aren’t back together.

Roaming Soldier: unfortunately for both of us but primarily me this relationship has come to an end. RS is amazing but after this seemingly never ending deployment and having no contact with Him most of this year i decided to move on for now. it’s nothing He did or could have controlled which is why this sucks to type but realistically i’m not sure what else to do. the new him’s new name, if things progress and he becomes He for me then his name will change to something i find equally adorable and it goes into my whole desire to play on words. he has been a wonderful surprise over the last few weeks and has been someone i find stimulating both mentally and physically. update–His name won’t be changing but He is most definitely my Him at this point. unfortunately the us army sent Him off to fight in a non war but it’s restarting my letter writing skills.

Twin Soldier: not actually a soldier but safest way to refer to RS’s twin brother. (not discussed anymore because no more RS)

Littlest Soldier: RS’s favoritest little girl, in other words His daughter. (not discussed anymore because no more RS)

so there you have it, the collection of people that i ramble on about here in these electronic pages.

see ya red

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