Who/What I’m Reading


this has been pared down only because lots of sites have gone inactive or gone away entirely.  i am always looking for new kinky things to read for feel free to share.  Gonna be honest.  Not reading a ton of blogs anymore.  Mostly because what I want to see isn’t there.  If I ever get back to it, I’ll update the list but so far the people I used to love are dormant.  The folks that aren’t are fine enough but not enough for me to check in regularly.  I do want to hit the travel sites at one point so I’ll leave that.  For the future writers check out Cleis and Lusty Lady.

BDSM B&B Travel Sites
Cleis Press
Lusty Lady

Service Slave Secrets
Sex in Words
Submissive Guide
Vizionz from the Bottom

i’m going to update the book list too because it was woefully out of date as well.

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