too much thinking

well that’s not why i haven’t posted since tuesday. i haven’t posted because it’s the end of the semester and my job is kicking my ass. trying to get things together and it’s not always working out smoothly. plus i got a surprise (only because i like to forget she’s coming) visit from the evil bitch woman that invades my body once a month and makes it so unpleasant to be me. but at least she comes with heavy duty pain killers so i guess i’ll suck that up.

i have, maybe to my detriment, finally gone back to my local library. it’s a great place to get movies for free that you get to keep for a week at least. new movies, old movies, kiddie movies and tv shows. pretty much everything but porn and let’s face it i have my own porn connection. i did finish the e lynn harris book i picked up. it’s interesting enough to read in one sitting but not one that if you had to put down that you would like pick back up and keep reading if you didn’t have to. it wasn’t a bad three hour read but it wasn’t one of his best to me. but then again i haven’t particularly liked the last book before then even though it wrapped up nicely. i didn’t read the toni morrison book but she has a tendency to make my head hurt so i’ll try it again later.

now i’m watching romancing the bride which seems very cute. i hope it wouldn’t take an affair the night before your wedding for you to decide that you want to be with your husband or not but hey do whatever you need to do in order to make everything okay for yourself. life is what happens when you start making plans i guess. have to stop planning out the life and live it to its fullest. so i have to let my mind wander back to smut central and see if Roaming Soldier joins me there. i’ve been missing Him a lot lately. as Night Owl keeps saying, He’s my weed in my garden of life loosely translated to i’ll never be able to get rid of Him. not that i didn’t know that before now lol. He’s abostively wonderful after all.

i got my camera back yesterday. it took the full 10 days to get returned but it works again and i don’t have to spend 200 bucks on a new one because of course i’d have to upgrade at this point. i am hungry damn it, train of thought is all over the place. i’ve been looking at stuff about being Catholic and talking to more people about converting. my brother laughed at me and said “yeah you are going to have to do that if you want the type of wedding you are talking about.” he had to debate that when he and my sister in law got married because she’s Catholic. now they have to discuss all of that with baby velvet that’s on the way. they both attend a non denominational church right now but they are probably going to baptize the baby Catholic and then let them decide what they want to do at some later point. ummm be right back, gotta put on a movie.

okay i tried to put on a movie but i had to put some stuff in the mail and now i need to finish watching this “wrong man” show on courtTV and then “till death” comes on about couples who snap and one kills the other one. it’s twisted but in case you guys hadn’t figured out i have a massively twisted sense of humor and find that part of life intriguing. what makes people lose their mind and hurt one another? well in that non consensual fashion lol. i know why people CAN hurt each other when given permission. hell i’m counting down the days until i can be one of those people lol. ahhh well i’m starting to ramble i believe. green lantern i’m sending you a surprise so be on the look out for it. Night Owl i’ll be harassing you later. everyone else soon as bitchy mcbitch leaves i’ll get back to my smut output.

see ya

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  1. yo, you need some chocolate or something so you don’t snap and hurt somebody? i hear hershey’s got a 2 for 1 deal going on with the candy bars at some stores…. what? i’m just sayin… trying to help a sista out and all

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