old lady for sale, bid quick

i promise this post won’t ramble on about my mother indefinitely but she’s crazy. i spent a piece of my afternoon returning something she shouldn’t have bought in the first damn place. she likes to shop for jewelry in particular using QVC and tv stations like that. about two months ago someone called from the company that she is returning crap to about an order at the time she denied making. of course i’m at work when the mail comes so i would have no idea what she ordered or when unless it came from one company that sends me email when her order is placed. ummm i am off tangent. she’s mad today because i put my extensions back in and didn’t curl it up like a seven year old like she likes. then she got madder because i wouldn’t write something on a piece of paper that she could put on the paper herself and she’s “never going to ask me for anything ever again ever” which would be fine except she’s said that about 10 times since she’s lived here and that obviously hasn’t lasted so i’m not holding my breath. anyhoo enough about mommy.

i left my office today to get my monthly dose of creamy crack. fresh perm is a beautiful thing i swear. i have a crapload of stuff to do this weekend though and i’m trying to decide if i’m up to being a good sorority girl this weekend and next weekend. my brain is saying no you aren’t sit your butt home and rest but i love being with my girls so we’ll see. i added the extensions again this month as well. my hair got a lot thicker and a bit longer the month i had them in before now. so my stylist and i decided to alternate a bit and see if it happened again. last month it got to rest and got thicker still so we may have hit on the thing to get my hair as long and healthy as it used to be. i went back to work and the lights went out in he middle of my session. that was hilarious lol. i’m just a bit tired now. it’s been a busy week and a good emotional one as well. talking to Roaming Soldier twice in the same week is virtually unheard of for me lately so that was very very wonderful. it’s not hard to remember that He loves me but it’s always great to be reminded and really i get to be cake lol so that’s always great too.

i got my study material ready to so now it’s time for me to get cracking on the monster exam that will determine whether or not i get licensed. i am not terribly worried but i hate studying even though i love standardized exams. go figure. smut is coming i promise. i’ll see ya later.


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  1. Great blog. What can i say about moms. we’ll talk. i can’t wait to see your hair sis. Most excellent on RS, too. But, i must say this. . . you LOVE standardized exams. Wooo! i love it. . . only you.

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