Get Under the Covers with He’s On Top

howdy ladies and gents,

the velvet rope is happy to review rachel kramer bussel’s He’s On Top. i love to read and finding good books that accurately talk about the lifestyle is harder than finding a valuable piece of verbiage coming from the shrub on pennsylvania avenue. i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised by the collection of stories that make up this volume. The stories are a nice balance between the mental state of both the Dom and His submissive. And for once I was glad to not know where the Dom was leading the story in question. It was also a treat to see the transformation that can take place in women, your average everyday woman, who needs more control in her life than she is even aware of and the pleasure that getting it finally brings to her life. i could have just as easily said my life there having been one of those women at some point in time but not being as lucky as the wife in Confession to have a husband that broke her down and gave her what she ultimately had been craving for. Of course there were spankings and toys and sluts and whores. But there was also an unexpected bit of remorse from a Master that might have overstepped His relationship with His slave. Not every story will resonate for you depending on what you are looking for but more of them than not will make you wish your significant other was handy if they aren’t or might make your book a little sticky if you are as easily distracted as i am. And i’ll have to admit the thought of being in a few of the outfits (particularly naughty schoolgirls lol) probably rushed across the ocean and invaded Roaming Soldier’s brain with the strength with which it overwhelmed mine. Please pick it up and enjoy.

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