and i love Him

okay this post will be short more than likely. i should so be sleeping but i made sure i did all the major things i needed to do for today (sunday) yesterday before i got back here. short of the wallets printing a bit weird at walgreens i’m good. well i don’t have exactly what i wanted for my girlfriend that’s in town but other than that i’m having a grand old time away from my place and from the responsibilities of my grown up life. but and this is a minor but in the grand scheme of things. because i crashed early last night i missed Roaming Soldier which would have been the highlight of the early morning hours of my birthday but it would have mean i didn’t get the lovely email that greeted me instead. it inspired me to go searching the new song service i use to post stuff on the blog for the right song. i hope this works because the first song i was thinking of is nowhere to be found. i mean who could pass up reading these words from the Man they love:

“Today, I sit here and could never imagine My life without you in it. …My big little girl, I love you and that will never change. you make Me smile through the tears, laugh through the pain, hope through all the sorrow.”

believe me i wrote something equally sappy back. okay it’s bedtime now.

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