red’s randomness report

wow can’t believe it’s been this long since i updated. i remember typing something at the airport but maybe it got lost in cyberspace. so what’s new? our time off of work starts today and we don’t go back till after the 1st of the year. YIPPEE! i am getting caught up on all of my paperwork there and will be done with it the first week we are back. getting used to be calling dr. red but i’m sure that will take some more time. actually thinking about getting personalized plates but i want to talk to Roaming Soldier about that first. i’m sure He’ll approve but i still want to check in.

i’ve been tired lately. they gave me something to help with my ankle but one of the side effects is apparently me getting very sleepy very early. not that it’s a bad thing but y’all know i can stay up indefinitely sometimes. other than that i’ve been staring at my boobs since i got home. they seem bigger than i remember them being but i can’t prove that. it’s probably just the shelf bra that i’m wearing. i got to talk to Roaming Soldier by the way. it was tuesday night at this point. He was very tired but He was also very flirty. helped to take out a kitty that evening. i miss Him y’all. i’ve been horny as a teenager sailor on shore leave. and i want Him home to reap the benefits of all that energy. i’ve had a few stories rushing around in my brain for Him too that i am going to work on now that i’m on “vacation” and of course that means i’ll share them with you too.

say a prayer for all those soliders, like my Daddy, that will not be home with their families this holiday season. remember them and hug your loved ones tighter before you let them out of your sight. love ya all but it’s time for bed.


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