the graduate has landed

it’s ten o’clock. do you know where your resident submissive is hiding out? of course you don’t because i never tell y’all that kind of stuff lol. i’m in my hotel room after a strange day. i woke up EARLY. i never do that when i am flying out. i got up and showered—revisit that never thing. i sealed up Daddy Bear and Elle (pronounced el-ee) for the trip—okay that’s standard. i grabbed all the stuff i needed and loaded up the car. i stopped the paper, emptied the trash and then put a box of presents in the car to mail to the family. umm i can have productive moments but that was just ridiculous. i got the packages off, checked my luggage and got through security ninety minutes before the flight. again that’s just not like me but when i finally started feeling like enough is enough i went for food only to find that my flight was going to be delayed until noon if i was lucky. well before i got to enjoy the food i bought i got summoned over to the gate lol and got booked onto a flight through st. louis and avoided the chicago drama altogether. i ended up getting here an hour ahead of time and got my car–no suv upgrade this time lol–but it’s a step up from my car–same make just different model you know what i mean–and it was so cute. my hotel bed is lovely. the wireless connection is iffy but i’m glad to be connected at all because i want to be online just in case Roaming Soldier can log on.

there’s a bridal party in the hotel this weekend. now please don’t get offended by this because i love everyone really i do lol but there is nothing more humorous–well small children might be funnier–than a group of semi drunk, tired, chain smoking white folks. the men are flirty, the women just a little louder than normal and the entire group will share way too much information with perfect strangers. not that i would crash a wedding or reception but they gave me all the information i would need in case i was just that bored. i wish the bride and groom good luck even though they’ll never see this lol because tomorrow is my birthday and you have to be wonderfully blessed if you do anything on the day i graced the world lol. my girlfriend will be here tomorrow and we are going to hang out and giggle before the big festivities. okay i think i’ve rambled on enough. gotta get over this eastern standard time thing.

see ya

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