what did you eat before bed?

the last few nights have been interesting, to say the least, in the mind of red. as i’ve gotten closer and closer to graduation (and my birthday yippee!) my brain has ventured further and further off my typical stressful dreams momentarily interuppted by strange events or kinky thoughts about Roaming Soldier. the last two nights to be precise have started off pretty normal only to turn into these intensely steamy sexual situations with literally no prompting. i’ve been super tired the last few nights so i’ve even managed to fall asleep early and it hasn’t helped a bit in staving off the damn near pornographic images (even though last night had porn stars in it) from flooding my brain. normally when i have weird dreams people ask what i had to eat before i went to bed. well monday i had an orgasm and last night i had some ice cream but that’s it. now where was i? okay so smutty dreams that don’t start off that way. and there’s no cheesy porno type lead in. i’m just minding my business and then boom naked and enjoying myself.

monday night i dreamt about being on a talk show with my girlfriends from undergrad. doesn’t start off too bad. one is pregnant so she’s at home getting ready to have her kid. the other three of us are sitting around talking about relationships, kids and sex potentially but nothing too intense. i’m getting bored, but i do that because i periodically have the shortest attention span known to man, and am very glad when someone finally yells cut and lets us leave for the day. i kiss them goodbye and hop in my car to head home. the driver pulls off and this is where it gets blurry. either i’m having sex with Roaming Soldier in the back of the limo while people are watching us or someone that RS knows is having sex with me while He watches and critiques the performance. now that first one is off in far far away land as far as potential to happen is concerned. that second one ROFLMAO i would absolutely stunned if RS was ever that willing to share His little girl. okay so yeah i wake up and shake my head after that and wonder what exactly brought that on.

last night i was in my house. nice huge house with a master bedroom that was so luscious i can see never wanting to leave it. the bathroom, only a girl who enjoys being in nice hot showers or long warm soaks could appreciate fully, was stunning and i found myself playing around in there longer than i anticipated. my husband, at least i am thinking it’s Roaming Soldier but this person doesn’t fit the height requirement lol, walks up behind me and starts hugging me at first. before i know it He’s groping whatever He can get His hands on and then we’re messing around on the floor before i go after my bottle. i’m enjoying it, He’s DEFINITELY enjoying it and so for a moment we don’t notice the bathroom door has opened and His friend is trying to pull me towards him and shove himself down my throat. i looked over at RS, who at this point is starting to look like Brian Pumper for some damn reason, and He still has His eyes closed i guess thinking i was going to get something to toy with Him with. the friend had been watching us and was close to getting off which is apparently why he wanted my mouth. before he could get it across my lips good RS got up and yanked him out of the bathroom and shut and locked the door. the friend is complaining that he was almost done and RS basically tells him that if he doesn’t get away from the door in the next five seconds that He would be forced to hurt him. the interruption now over, i crawled over to Him and started sucking on my bottle again before i woke up–again shaking my head. anyone got any ideas what that’s all about besides me being horny and wanting Him home?

all right moving on. i swear i hear and see the strangest things sometimes. now i don’t hate kanye west but i would have to think twice about saving him if it meant he would keep putting out badly named records (i mean shouldn’t you register late for classes BEFORE you drop out of college?). so imagine the giggle on my face as i read the article linked here (please click on the word here in bold to read the article). kanye done pissed off evel knievel and yes i meant to type it just like that lol. oh the giggles the giggles i tell you.

last night i watch the unit for a change instead of criminal intent. don’t get me wrong i love CI but i hate it when bobby’s not on there and he hasn’t been on for a few weeks now. i know they brought back these other characters to give bobby a break but damn it i want bobby lol. okay moving on. it was a good storyline last night for both of the subplots. i enjoyed them both and i love looking at Jonas Blane and i guess it gave my Molly moments a boost. the whole black ops storyline was good too and i’m thinking our hapless pilot will be back on another episode.

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