the right Man

i’ve been pondering song titles for the last 90 minutes or so to get to one that captured what was going on in my brain. truthfully i wasn’t trying to revisit an old post to get my point across so bear with me please. i told y’all before that i pretty much have a soundtrack playing in my head constantly and this is no different. THIS song has been running through my head for a number of reasons. first i’ve been blasting the cd it’s on daily as i commute to work. second, the whole cd is making me think of the transition that i’ve made in my life to this point. love is a wonderful redefining experience when it’s real and good. finally, it reminds me how wonderful Roaming Soldier is even while it makes me conscious that i much like the singer won’t have my father walking me down the aisle to the Man that has changed my life. while i’m sad daddy won’t be there, knowing i found Roaming Soldier means my dad is trying to make sure i’m taking care of by someone he trusts and i’m okay with that.

we got to talk yesterday and that was great. another long chat before He had to go do those things He doesn’t like to tell me about. that was fine though, i got to laugh and giggle and flirt and incite a fair amount of lust in the 6’8” wonder before He had to go. and tonight i went looking for the youtube clip He sent in July that made me go completely girly. it’s when i really first considered that He might really care about the short person penning you your smut. simple things that show you were listening are the best EVER. He’s great that’s all i really wanted to say lol.


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  1. lol i hadn’t seen it either because best buy didn’t carry the dvd it was on and i hadn’t found it when i was trolling the net. He found it quite unexpectedly and sent it to me. He’s a keeper.

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