give me a minute

i’m not even sure what i want to say right now. i’m feeling just fine truth be told. i’m a little friskier than normal but other than that nothing major is floating through my brain. i just finished phase one of edits–one of which i was QUITE happy about making–and i just want to crawl up in bed with Roaming Soldier and let Him play in my hair. well not JUST play with my hair. i have been on smutty email patrol over the last few days so i’m sure when He opens up the inbox and reads them He’s gonna want to be home as well. it will be a nice long lovely time in bed when He does get home but until then, it’s smut production for Him and dead kitties for me.

i lost an eBay auction earlier but really i didn’t need it so that’s not really a big deal. just trying to get something else together. i’m slightly shocked that really by friday my life as i know it could be totally different lol. well not totally different. i mean i will go back to work and do the same stuff i do right now. but i guess i do it with slightly more clout. either way i’m a happy kid. another door closing and making way for more doors to open.


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  1. Take your time. You are on top of this, and you are an inspiraion, no matter how you feel when people say mushy “weird” stuff to you.

    You got this!

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