red’s grand adventure

i flew out this morning and it started off oddly. i almost never catch a skycap to check my bag so i don’t have to drag it from the parking lot but managed to do so today. that elation was short lived. as soon as i got through the unnecessarily long x ray line i was told that i had too much lotion in my carry on bag. it’s lotion–clearly labeled as lotion, feel free to use some on those icky gloved hands of yours–so i had to put it into my other piece of carry on luggage and then have it checked which i wasn’t sure was going to make the flight at that point. it did but i wouldn’t know that till i landed. the flights were uneventful and as i passed through O’hare i was a mix of emotions. the city is really pretty when it’s not covered in snow and was almost where i was calling home. thankfully i wasn’t there long enough to wax nostalgic too long and as soon as i got settled onto my teeny tiny plane i quickly dosed off and started dreaming about Roaming Soldier. we got to speak briefly last night which was so wonderful i can’t explain. calling Him Daddy for five minutes almost makes up for the week plus stretches when i just get to think about Him. if i wasn’t so tired at that point then several kittens would have had to die. i’ve been swinging back and forth between ms. molly domestic and molest Him immediately and often.

i wanna touch Him now really. it would be very nice to crawl into bed with Him and lather up my bottle. i’m not sure how long He would let me stay there before He pushed me into the bed face down and plundered the kitten population. of course there would be a knife or seven involved and a lot of rope and slightly painful contortions but it would be so worth the multiple levels of pain and soreness to have Him with me right now. maybe i’ll get a massage after all this is over but i think that might make it worse lol. i want to be with my Daddy dang it. i’ll bother y’all later.


ps i forgot to say something lol go figure. when i picked up my rental they upgraded me to a cute little suv WITH a cd player. i so hate renting cars when there is no damn cd player in it as i rarely listen to the radio. i’ll take a picture of it and post it eventually lol.

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