woo i’m all tuckered out

why might you ask? well i’m sure most of you don’t care lol but i’m going to share anyway. i came to do the last phase of my graduate work so that i could not look at my dissertation again or anything else lol. after going back and forth about the date and getting stuff ready for the presentation and just generally trying to get adjusted to this time zone i had my defense meeting last night. well it started yesterday afternoon and i left it about three hours later. the meeting went for the appropriate length of time. the rest of the time was spent just joking around as folks are apt to do after my meetings for some reason.

and the result? i am now doctor red velvet and my life is mine again. i need to do some very minor rewrites then after that it’s copy time and binding time and then go look for my fluffy hat at the bookstore time. yeah fluffy hat, red wants a fluffy hat. in case you don’t know what the fluffy hat looks like. here it is.

i don’t have time to order the full velvet robe set special fitted for me but i can also get that done whenever i feel like it. i’m done and now i can play doctor with Roaming Soldier on a whole new level lol. i am really sleepy for some reason. i think i was on edge even though my mind was saying stay calm. oh well. let me snack some more and then get back to the editing process. i’m almost at the point that i can refocus on my smut production lol.

see ya

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