heat wave

it was slightly miserable in the house that day. the kids were sluggish because they were tired from the heat and it was making them cranky. her mother was off visiting friends so they were at least saved from her complaining. the house should have been cool considering it was the middle of winter and the heat wasn’t turned on but it was a freak warm spell moving through town that night. turning on the air wasn’t logical in the brains of the adults roaming around just as sluggishly but in a moment, the attitudinal behavior of their kids would force them into it. they finished big bowls of ice cream and thankfully they crashed from the sugar high immediately. small bodies were placed into their beds and she followed Him up to their room. she stripped down to her tank bra and matching boy shorts before He had locked the door behind them. He smiled when He saw her sprawled over their bed and then got a truly inspired idea. He went down to the kitchen and grabbed the ice bucket and filled it with nice cold cubes before ascending the stairs again. His son scurried out of the room and asked Him to read a story so that he could fall back asleep. He left the ice next to their door and followed His middle child into his room. another night of The Bernstein Bears and the the boy was asleep. He adjusted the covers and went back into to claim some alone time with His wife.

the ice in the bucket had melted a little when He picked it up but He figured that would be okay too. she was still laying face down as He went over to sit next to her. she began to turn over but He forced her back down. He rubbed her shoulders a bit before He went to the nightstand and took out a blindfold. He lifted her up by her hair before slipping it into place and securing it around the back of her head. she purred a little and it made Him smile. her skin glistened as the ice touched it and He watched as her body reacted to the frosty sensation. she purred again and let Him manipulate her with the ice. it roamed over her arms and dripped off of her fingertips. He traced the outline of the tattoo on her shoulder and watched as she shivered. He caught a stray cube as it slid down her hip and pulled it over the length of her legs. He massaged the melting toy into her feet and felt her tremble a bit. He repeated the procedure on her other leg and thought her skin was perfectly lovely slightly wet. He moved the bucket off the bed and walked it over to the dresser. He pulled off His sweat pants before climbing on top of her in the bed. He’d love to tie her down and strip her naked but the kids would be sure to interrupt before He had gotten her properly strapped down. instead, He ripped off her boy shorts and pulled Himself out of His boxer briefs. He wasn’t rock hard yet but He knew He would be shortly after she slipped Him deep inside her throat.

she wiggled beneath Him as He told her what she was to do. as she rolled over onto her back He freed her breasts and toyed with her nipples as she swallowed Him quickly. she lapped on her bottle, coaxing blood into the growing organ with each increase of pressure she placed on it. He was coated with her saliva as He pulled out of her mouth. she whimpered a bit before He rolled her over and pulled her ass up into the air. as He moved into position behind her, He exhaled deeply before shoving inside her slowly. each inch was wonderful for both of them but it was the only gentle moment they would share right then. as soon as His dick disappeared inside of her, they began to fuck each other. it wasn’t romantic, it wasn’t the stuff dreams are made of but it was visceral and worked off the sheen the water had left on her skin quickly. she begged Him to fuck her harder and He eagerly complied. He was so deeply engrossed in what He was doing that He didn’t hear the headboard hitting the wall. He just felt her walls contracting around Him and urging Him to come inside of her. she bucked back into Him when He wasn’t expecting it which made Him growl. she giggled and it set Him off. He started pounding her pussy mercilessly and felt one orgasm after another wash over her body and through her pussy. when her legs started to feel jelly like she came again but this time He joined her. pump after pump of His seed flowed into her hurriedly. they stayed locked together, partially dressed, waiting to cool off again. their heart rates returned to normal and they were nearly asleep when a tiny knock on the door woke her up. she pulled on her shorts and grabbed their youngest daughter and walked her back to bed. a few pages of Charlotte’s Web had her snoring softly. the fan was blowing when she came back to their room.

“I couldn’t take it baby. I wanted to snuggle with you but your skin was too hot after that. Come get in bed with Daddy sugar and let’s go to bed.” always a good girl she did what she was told but was happy the heatwave had inspired Him again to make her toes curl.

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