so you’re a long long way from home

well i guess i am but not for very long. i’ll be headed back to the place i lay my head normally with the old woman that drives me nuts. i finished all but one project today but i will be graduating the day after my birthday YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE. i’m getting used to people calling me Dr. Velvet cause it just sounds wrong lol but this is what i was working for all these years. and everyone is also getting used to Roaming Soldier. He’s the first person i’ve talked about at any great length and claimed as a part of my life in the way that i am. i mentioned that W/we still had to make decisions about where the homestead will be and i nearly freaked everyone out. but they are all very excited for me so i’m going home with that smile on my face as well as the one the small people gave me.

the small people are one of my girlfriend’s kids. they have entertained me greatly and gave me lots of presents i have to figure out how to pack up. nothing major but it was still all very cute. Dr. soldier is a work in progress. i miss my Daddy so much i swear but this is just part of the process apparently. maybe we’ll step up the migration out of the desert now that the democrats have taken over congress. probably not but it’s nice to dream about every now and then.

ok i’m gonna shuddup now

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  1. Great post – i imagine that everything is happening for some reason in your life. Yeh, i am quite excited about the possibilities. They have the positions so they better do something with it!

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