back to the middle

yeah that’s where i am right now. i’m back on an even keel all of a sudden. work is manageable, just got some paperwork to catch up on. my last requirement for my degree was finished this week so now it’s just a matter of buying my ticket back for graduation and waiting on my tam to be delivered. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fluffy hat. i’ve talked to Roaming Soldier a few times since i’ve been back and both have been very aptly timed and silly flirty conversations. yeah i love Him clearly lol. my smut juices are flowing again so i’ll be getting back to work on that stuff soon. and i’m busy with my extracurricular activities again. it’s good being productive in things that i wanted to be a part of in the first place. the biggest thing right now is being able to relax without feeling guilty for not doing something else. that is an absolutely wonderful feeling. so yeah i’m dr. velvet but that’s secondary to being just red and enjoying life again and being sily with my friends and giggling when i want to. i guess i don’t have anything to say right now really. hope everyone is doing well.


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