Daddy tucked me in last night

okay so we all know it wasn’t a literal tucking in otherwise i wouldn’t even be online right now. i’d be resting my head in His lap and enjoying my bottle while i laughed at people on tv—okay so i probably wouldn’t be laughing right now either and i’m 99.9 percent sure my eyes wouldn’t be open either. ummm bottle …..where was i? yeah Daddy tucked me in last night. Roaming Soldier is of course technology challenged at the moment since He’s in the field so much and when He’s back at camp He really needs to rest before the next trek back out. last night He caught me after a trek out for me lol. i had a nearly five hour meeting that bookended by an hour long drive each way. i was curled up in the bed half naked by the time He said hello and for some reason that bit of information totally changed the conversation. instead of us keeping it somewhat clean it was as dirty as the army can allow given their whole family values kick–they are doing much of nothing to actually preserve families right now but they like to pretend that they are but that’s time for another rant–and it was lovely.

somewhere in the middle of there He read the last post and just said that i was making Him horny but He had no way to ummmmm release that at the moment lol. we did discuss ways that i might be of assistance to relieving that pressure as soon as He got home. we started talking about my oral fixation flaring up and then He had to go to bed. of course at this point i was just a bit aroused and a kitten had to leave the earth shortly thereafter. i slept like a baby, His baby lol, after that and was upset i had to wake up this morning. i was thinking He was laying in bed with me and moving was so not an option. instead it was just Daddy Bear who is going to be sorely disappointed in not sleeping with half naked red when Roaming Soldier gets home. hee hee, He said He was a bit jealous of the bear for a minute. that was so sweet in a “wanna crawl under the table and give you head during dinner” kinda way. the sad part is, when He reads this i’ll be under the table giving Him head and it will be totally my fault lol. i write myself into trouble all of the time lol.

anyhoo since i slept so well i sent out another box of goodies to Him and His unit. they will be full of sugar and He will be getting another stack of letters and a surprise just in case He’s reading this. i think they will be teasing Him for a while about it but in a good–damn your woman is the bomb kinda way. of course He thinks that already and that is all that matters. obie kaybe i am done rambling now.

see ya

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  1. Hello Ms Red,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now & i love that way that you “JUST DO YOU!” & speak your mind! your honesty is refreshing. thanks for the comment!
    slave neaya

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