happy thanksgiving boys and girls

well i couldn’t rightly name this post happy thanksgiving considering there was one with the same title a year ago. things are a bit different from then though huh? the family is still good. my brother has to work tonight but his wife has fed him and doted on him already. thanks to one of my sorority sisters i was up and showered when i wanted to be and started cooking immediately. the duck is SCRUMPTIOUS. i should have taken a picture of it because it was just the right color and the skin crackled just the way i like it. my mother and i operated in the kitchen pretty well together today. i made a pecan pie while the duck was cooking. it’s a little darker than i wanted but perfectly set. mom made her dressing and kept the dishes clean. add a side of corn and some lovely crossaint thingies from pillsbury and it was dinner time. i didn’t eat though. had to laugh at mom overfill and then spill her food. and then i made a red velvet cake from scratch, of course lol, while we watched the proud family movie. i ate after i made the cream cheese frosting for the cake and negotiated how the nuts would be added to it lol. dinner tasted as good as it looked and now that the cakes are cooled i’m going to frost them in a bit.

i sure did get sidetracked with the food huh? i sent Roaming Soldier a why i’m thankful email before i fell asleep last night. then i sent Him some pics that coffee’s latest

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