happy thanksgiving

i doubt this initial entry will be very long. partly because i’m hungry, partly because i’m horny and partly because really for once i don’t have a lot to say. i am beyond thankful that all those that i care about seem to be doing well. i’ve talked to most of them and it is an amazing feat that i wasn’t half asleep when they called because i am known to sleep in a lot. i need to call my girls but other than that most of the folks i wuv have hit me up.

now i’m talking to my porn connection lol. i love him and need to find him a good woman soon. he needs it or at least regular sex. but a good woman that would give him regular sex would be ideal. my house smells lovely. pecan pie is cooling and the duck is wafting its juicy aroma through the house. i wish Emperor was here of course. He hasn’t seen my domestic side at all yet. i’m really looking forward to His visit here, now when that is i have no idea, so we can dote on each other mostly in private (as my mother is moving in soon) and i can display those other skills i have outside of the bedroom lol.

i just discovered something new in blogland, HNT (appparently half nekkid thursday lol). since i just got a new digital camera i might partake one thursday. let the world see the girls lol. hope everyone is well today and enjoy your family and friends wherever they are.

ETA: okay so i woke up ungodly early today. by 8:30 i was cleaning and getting ready for the wave of cooking i do on holiday mornings lol. for once i actually paid attention to the cooking instructions on back of the duck ROFLMAO and remembered to get the weight off the front so i wouldn’t over or undercook the bird lol. so after washing the dishes, cleaning off another stretch of my bedroom floor and fielding the first call of the day from my mother i started cooking. for those that have never had duck yes it is much greasier than turkey BUT it keeps its juice in so much better. this year i was supposed to let it cook for two and a half hours give or take since it was a six pound duck. whenever i take it out on time it’s a little undercooked so i let it cook an extra thirty. the bird is yummy but some of its seasoning was mad at me and had burnt just a widdle. i made a pecan pie and some biscuits (from the bisquik folks the cheddar and garlic biscuits which are supposed to be like the ones from red lobster—ADD GARLIC and FRESH cheese if you want them more like the ones from rl ohhh and maybe a tab of butter) and some corn to round out the meal. oh my it was nummy. i’ll be enjoying seconds shortly well of everything but the pie. i’m going back and forth between having my first slice of pie and the nummy ice cream that blue bell was evil enough to make and put in my path (moo-llenium crunch good lawd it’s great). i should have some pie since i went through the trouble of making it and i could add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream too. before bed i’ll have to cut the meat off the duck and refrigerate it cause i hate cutting it days later.

i heard from a few friends as well and that made me smile a warm fuzzy smile. my brother and sister in law called when they were finally awake lol and then Emperor and i exchanged text messages wishing each other a happy day. He does make me smile lol. ohhh and because i am a brat and cannot stand to not have what i want i ordered myself a bear as well. she’ll be delivered on tuesday and then little mr. hadrian will have a sister of sorts for a brief time until he is claimed by Emperor. ummm being claimed by Emperor almost sounds naughty lol. ok i swear i’ll keep my mind out of the gutter at least for a few more keystrokes. i would much rather those near and dear to me be nearer to me but knowing that they are safe where they are does provide an intense amount of comfort. my sleep cycle is still all screwy so if you guys get all bored and something drop me an email and i’ll find you on one of my yahoo id’s if you have one or aol if you have that and prove how special and silly i really am. okay i’m gonna go watch arthur on pbs and have some pie.

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4 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving”

  1. So THAT’S what HNT means! Sheesh, been trying to figure that out for a while now.

    Happy Thanksgiving Red, many many *hugs*

  2. glad to see u might be joining the rest of us HNT participants… how about FF – fetish fridays? reckon we’ll ever read a fetish friday post? you can certainly learn a few things… i.e figging.

    look it up – trust me.


  3. Ok, I give up Red, what does “ETA” mean? LOL.. All I can think of is ‘estimated time of arrival” but since you’re there when you post it (I hope) that doesn’t make any sense. You kids and your acronyms!

  4. figging, ya say, i may have to write something about that and Fetish Friday sounds intriguing. may have to wait until i visit with Emperor again though lol

    ETA=edited to add lol. it took me a minute to figure it out myself lol but now i toss it around willy nilly.

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