is oprah the antichrist?

isn’t my name all purty and shiny lol. okay so it doesn’t take much to entertain me some days as you can see. i did all my paperwork, all thirteen case notes in about 90 minutes and that was over an hour ago at this point so what am i? you got it boys and girls: red velvet is BORED out of her skull. i’m on another message board discussing why we think Oprah may or may not be the antichrist ROFLMAO. yes i am bored out of my mind. i’m thinking that she might be if i can overlook some of the glaring things–she’s supposed to be a man, a little younger and raised out of the states if you listen to some religious scholars. however, if i can totally forgo all of that it makes sense. she’s got money and influence to do whatever she wants. she is beloved by millions of people who wait on her latest words on new books, clothes, pet toys and how to have better happier lives. she’s seen as harmless as the antichrist is supposed to be seen initially. and she doesn’t have that bitchy baggage and jail time that martha stewart is trudging along with now. hmmm just ponder it and tell me what you think. if she comes out with something that could be construed as the mark of the beast i’m just gonna lock my tv on the cartoon channels so i can’t be unduly programmed by satan’s right hand gal. short of things being dull around here i am okay. i’m waiting for them to close us down early and let me go get back in bed and enjoy my sheets and being in my pj’s at four in the afternoon. oh well be good. i may be back later. red+velvet took the free personality test!

“Longs for a tender and sympathetic bond and for a …”

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red velvet’s Existing Situation
Insecure. Seeks roots, stability, emotional security, and an environment providing greater ease and fewer problems.

red velvet’s Stress Sources
Feels that life has far more to offer and that there are still important things to be achieved–that life must be experienced to the fullest. As a result, she pursues her objectives with a fierce intensity that will not let go of things. Becomes deeply involved and runs the risk of being unable to view things with sufficient objectivity, or calmly enough; is therefore in danger of becoming agitated and of exhausting her nervous energy. Cannot leave things alone and feels she can only be at peace when she has finally reached her goal.

red velvet’s Restrained Characteristics
The situation is preventing her from establishing herself, but she feels she must make the best of things as they are.
Circumstances are restrictive and hampering, forcing her to forgo all joys and pleasures for the time being.

red velvet’s Desired Objective
Longs for a tender and sympathetic bond and for a situation of idealized harmony. Has an imperative need for tenderness and affection. Susceptible to anything esthetic.

red velvet’s Actual Problem
Has a fear that she might be prevented from achieving the things she wants. This leads her to employ great personal charm in her dealings with others, hoping that this will make it easier for her to reach her objectives.

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