please alert the body snatchers

i want out of this pod and want to return to my pre happy as hell level of girliness. okay so the last two days of insomnia filled evenings i have been trolling wedding sites again. pretty much anything you could ask for i have discovered along the way and am now debating on whether the invitations just have to match the colors but yeah haven’t exactly cleared those with Roaming Soldier yet even though they blend our organization colors quite nicely and i’ve found a dress and bridal party attire to coordinate with all of them. i’ve contemplated evening versus afternoon wedding, no kids, destination versus finding a nice church and how many layers i want on the cake. i did see two cute cakes today and may have settled on the bouquet lol. yeah i am soooooooo not understanding this. we haven’t even officially gotten engaged at this point. i need help lol. i do have things to distract me but that won’t start until tomorrow when i go run back to work and get back to looking for a house. ahh well hopefully the smut fairy will visit me soon and get me back to writing. okay see ya later.


4 thoughts on “please alert the body snatchers”

  1. lol it’s okay, i talked to Him last night and He approved of all of my girliness even if it did disturb me lol, and those stories i sent upped my spank count, ahh well

  2. Yeh, i know we’ve already talked about all of this. i just want to post on your blog. i’m glad that he’s all supportive of this shingdig. Hmm, i guess i’ll wear purple to the wedding.

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