400 pages or how to make a battalion smile

it has seemed like forever since i talked to Him longer than a few minutes. it always seems like forever though so that’s not a completely accurate characterization of what is going on. anyhoo, this morning when i logged on to my yahoo account i had series of messages full of kisses from Him. we had missed each other while i was tossing and turning before settling down to dream about Him. i had time to kill that morning so i hoped i’d be able to talk to Him then but nope lol. instead i worked on a presentation i needed to give over the lunch hour. He logged on right before i had to go, lol of course, but i had to be a good professional so i went and did the presentation and was glad that it went well. luckily for me though we got another two hours alone, well sorta alone lol, to chat and be silly and make fun of our friends. i mentioned something about a red bottom which made Him smile hard apparently. one of His instructors asked why He was smiling and i tried to be polite about it but the man was nosy so i said just tell the man that i reminded You of the story where the nice man gets a blow job under water. if you were wondering how to make a battalion smile just have someone you love repeat that out loud and see what happens. if i wasn’t feeling good after that presentation i was definitely feeling good after that bit of information was relayed to me. okay not everyone was smiling. pillar did not appreciate that reference at all. he and night owl don’t read the smut because the characters sound too much like the two of us and that just makes them get massive headaches. that’s funny to me and Him but not so much to them so it’s not something we discuss lol.

so i covered the battalion thing. i’m sure you are wondering that the page count is about. the blog has passed 400 posts a while back. this is number 446 i think. 400 pages is the ongoing electronic journal of sorts that i have been keeping of our conversations since He left. i said before i would be okay until we hit 1000 pages and i do still stand by that but i’d adore the world at large if He was able to get home before we hit 500. i won’t hold my breath but i will keep some part of my body crossed just in case.

okay i’m going to see what mommy is stirring up for dinner. we had the best fajitas from this frozen bag yesterday, very chili’s like, and ended up destroying the bag so i got some more today at the store along with the chicken variety the company makes. either way, good eats tonight and a nice long conversation with my Daddy today. a girl is awfully happy.

see ya

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  1. Great post, sis. 400 pages – that’s almost a ream of paper. Glad you had some quality time with RS.

    Much love.

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