rambling rambling rambling

my house is mostly clean tonight. i know what’s the big deal about that? well for at least 3 years i’ve mostly lived out of boxes. i unpack the clothes and the books i need for work and keep it moving. my “for pleasure” books don’t get opened because well i haven’t had any free time to read them even if i wanted to. now that the bloody dissertation is done i might be able to crack one open–after i finish studying for my exam that is. well that’s not true i read a book for fun a few weeks ago. umm i’m rambling now lol. i never really unpacked because homes are temporary until i find the best job ever or have kids or what not.

my mother has been beyond frustrated with that and with the fact that most of her stuff is not here. well we spent the last six days, well the we is more of the royal we cause she isn’t really able to do all that much, cleaning out boxes that hadn’t been touched in years and putting away boxes and stuff into the spare closet in my room. my mother is now overjoyed. everything is in it’s place as far as she is concerned and it tickles her heart. and some of it was helpful, we got rid of a lot of junk which was good and i got ideas about where i would like to permanently place some things and got all the study material i needed to get together either on one shelf of the bookcase or my little gray cabinet that was never more than a holding cell for crap i didn’t know what to do with. i have to clear off the bed tomorrow and decide where we are going to put my massive cabbage patch kid collection until her stuff gets here and gets situated. but she is an unpacker so lord knows i’ll come home one day and all of my babies–all 31 ish of them–will be assembled and waiting for me when i get home one day next week.

i did a just for red thing this afternoon. i got my hair all nice and tended to and found out my beautician is likely going to be relocating but it’s closer to my place and i might be able to get my nails done at the same time. that’s always cool. all in all it was a good week just busy at work and home. i miss Him of course. i always miss Him though. don’t want to get into that too much because i will start crying. okay i’m done rambling. talk to you later.


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  1. Great post, sis. How sentimental are you really? i enjoyed seeing that peek into the red of Him dreams – the crying part.

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