but i can make you famous

well i might make you famous, but only if you piss me off and even then it’s sorta gonna be a cloudy infamy as i’m not going to ever reveal your name. today is a happy day. even though i apparently really didn’t need to worry i of course did worry about whether or not i was going to get passed through to take the exam to get my license. i did though and it’s a happy day kind of situation. except well He’s not home to give me a congratulatory spanking or nothing. but then again that could be a bad spanking right now as i would likely be laughing at the miami heat for falling behind the chicago bulls by sixteen points at the moment. toronto got themselves together and won the second game of the series so it’s all square there and i’m promised a few more games–yippee yippee yippee.

i am still working on the smut. but right now i’m going to focus on studying and from there i’ll hopefully stumble upon the right creative team to let me get the smut packaged out to you in the right fashion. otay, i might edit later but right now i want to get back to the game and relieving a bit of stress.

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