adventures in love & Domination

it’s almost a day after this post originally popped into my brain so forgive me if it doesn’t flow as well as it could. it was inspired by Roaming Soldier who wrote me a lovely little email while He was for some reason or other in the medical tent. brief momentary pause for a molly blane moment. yes i should be freaking out more than i am and yes i am more than just a little bit worried about what He is doing in the damn medical tent but i think i mentioned before, my brain operates under the “no news is good news” mentality right now. He could have just been dehydrated–it is awfully hot there after all or He could be on His way home. either way, He’s still breathing and for now that’s all that matters. molly blane moment over. we’re stuck on numbers, Roaming Soldier and i, three in particular 8, 9 and 22–well four i guess because 17 sneaks in there by virtue of it being the product of adding 8 with 9. anyhoo, it was based on one of those numbers and led to what He deemed “one truth” at this moment. that being the fact that we were meant to be together as this relationship was totally not on the radar for either of us in january and here it is some eight months after we met and there doesn’t seem like anything else in the world for either of us.

our lives, our love, our future are totally wrapped up in one another and all the worries i had in meeting Him when i did have long since been dispelled. any reservations He had about being open to the possibility of meeting someone new have faded into the sunset long ago as well. last night the depth of my girly sappy were exploited wholly lol. i went looking for books on His religion, wedding cakes and a particular bridal magazine i love that i can’t buy locally to save my life. i saw a few cute cates but nothing i needed to take home with me. the books i had to order because of course they weren’t locally available either. regardless, my brain is moving along the path of what else can i do now to prepare for our future.

the wedding, as i have found out from a number of friends as they have gotten married, is having less and less to do with us if and when it takes place the way i’m envisioning. a long vacation and a simple beach ceremony would work for me. i think all of the parental units involved would hunt us down and hurt us. plus it might be nice to put a few folks i know in the wedding party so i guess i can suck that up. i guess you have heard all the lovey dovey stuff—now where’s the Domination?

well in the midst of that lovely email He veered off into three areas that reminded me why He has excited me so. nice tall intelligent sadistic Doms are so much fun to have around. He’s enjoyed the stories immensely but they were enjoyable because He’d plant a seed in my head and i would spin it out to its most interesting conclusion. while a lot of our jokes are playful and cute, it is with the clear understanding that He has achieved a respect and dominion over me that was unanticipated to say the least. we have fit an ideal for the other that honestly, based on what i was reading, experiencing and witnessing didn’t seem possible. actually, well before this, a nice vanilla male friend told me that it would be virtually impossible for me to meet a man that could both respect me and my intelligence when He knew how hypersexual i was AND that i liked to be hurt. i would always be able to get one or the other but not both. and while Emperor touched both sides for a while, it wasn’t nearly as fulfilling as it could have been.

Roaming Soldier by extreme contrast lol has met all spoken and unspoken wants and wishes i had. He probably would have made that last shopping trip for toys obsolete had He been here but other than that, the feeling that i wanted to achieve with the person i submitted to has been in place for a while now. i have my Daddy, i have the Man that wants to tie me up and spank me and then fuck me into a blissful stupor. pausing for another molly blane moment. a woman wouldn’t stay with a man in such a life as the Unit Wives unless she both loved him madly and he was laying it down to use a euphemism. look at jonas, listen to jonas and then look at him again. mr. blane has to be keeping mrs. blane quite happy otherwise she would so not still be there. end of molly moment number two. so yes this seperation sucks right now, my preference would be to not be writing this at all but to be having a mid afternoon spanking session with Daddy followed by a lazy afternoon in bed molesting one another. but since i can’t do that right now, i’ll kill another slew of kittens thinking about Him and settle down to writing Him another story. gotta keep Jonas smiling too after all so He makes a point of coming home quickly.

ok i’m done now, have a good one

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