red velvet 5, kittens 0

or minus 5 as the case may be. i rewarded myself with new toys recently. and i must say two thumbs WAY up for the new selection. as a result i worked out a lot of tension and stress last night and the poor kittens paid the price. i woke up feeling like i had a really good night lol but i won’t get into that because i want to tell Him about some of this first. if you want to know which toys made me smile lol, email me and i’ll let you know. let’s take a moment of silence for the kitties. okay moment is over. i’m a little sad because i missed Roaming Soldier before He had to go back to the field. allegedly He won’t be gone that long this time but it sucks just that He’s gone.

we did have a good conversation a few days ago that was so needed i can’t even speak words to it. i’ll be much happier when He’s home (as if you didn’t know that already) and can work through that list of smut to the left with me whenever He feels like it. it’s all a girl can dream of lol. ahhh yes spanky spanky.

anyhoo, i mailed out my dissertation yesterday and i should have my laptop back in the next few days. at least i hope so. i need to call and check on that in the morning because if i need to rent this thing for another week i have to go ahead and pay for that now before i get distracted. and then i have to pay my rent before i leave at the beginning of next month so they don’t try to get pissy as i’ll be gone all past my last viable day to pay. not that they ever cash my check in a timely fashion but still. mommy made dinner and that was nice and then i voted for dancing with the stars lol. jerry springer is sooooooooooooooo cute with his old self. i’m a little giddy for some reason, go figure. i bought food for lunch tomorrow and and will not have to rush over and get something during lunch. i miss Him. ahh well. okay i think i’m done rambling lol.

bye for now

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