mommy’s day out

okay so i should probably just dose off now but truth be told i’m not really sleepy and i’m waiting up on the off chance that i get to talk to Roaming Soldier for longer than ten minutes tonight. i woke up very early this morning which again all things considered shouldn’t have happened. after i dropped off something at my office i lounged around until i took mommy to the new mall in town and then over to the wonderful pf chang’s for a late lunch. i came home and did nothing after the shoe shopping expedition got aborted. i fell asleep about an hour or two after RS signed off and was back up by 9 this morning, well i guess yesterday at this point which would make the shoe shopping friday lol. she was well behaved and excited to be out. not all that interesting truth be told but she was happy and that’s all that mattered.

i got to be lazy for a bit this morning and then i opened my email so that i could email my dissertation chair and then opened up the last round of editing that will be done before i sit for my defense. i spent the rest of the day, literally, editing and double checking and scouring over the document then i readjusted the formatting and saved it. i’ll get copies of it printed tomorrow, well today, and then it’s out of my hands. just pray on that for me and we’ll see what happens. i’m hungry now. i’m gonna go forage in the kitchen now.

see ya

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