good lawd i’m tired

okay so it’s been a few days since i updated. there isn’t a whole lot going on except i’m exhausted. work is kicking my proverbial ass. i’m tired of seeing folks constantly, not my clients, i just need a change of scenery really. a long vacation with Roaming Soldier, about fifty feet of rope, a small cadre of candles and a gross of condoms would be great. actually that would fan-fucking-tastic but not to be at the moment. especially since the army just announced they’d LIKELY be keeping troops in iraq till 2010–and allowing soldiers MAYBE a year at home before they were redeployed. while i would kill to have Him home for a year, i would be prone to kill when they tried to take Him away from here too. my brain keeps saying we JUST have to make it till 2008 and then we can get rid of the current idiot but even that is a full two years from now. my tolerance and patience are running thin and i promised i wouldn’t throw a tantrum but damn if i don’t want to. okay i need to move on because i could get stuck there indefinitely.

so mommy is feeling less than stellar as well and really it’s because she’s struggling to come to terms with the fact that her mother will likely die before we hit 2010. honestly, it would be a blessing if grandma made to the end of the year. anyhoo, she’s feeling crappy and my aunts made it worse so i took her out tonight for dinner and then we roamed around Pier 1 and Barnes and Noble for a while. got a few books for me and something for RS. got mommy a book on pugs since she really wants one and she found a cd she liked. then it was back home to relative peace and quiet. it wasn’t a bad outing and save her copying my food selections yet again it was a good time out.

i missed RS and not being able to grope Him under the table lol but i always miss Him so i guess that’s not a big deal. i was trying to fight sleep but it’s winning lol. oh well, let me lay down. nothing is going on around here like i said, i’m OFF tomorrow. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! night night ladies and gents.


ps if you signed up on stardolls thanks but you have to actually join for the referral to work, you can find my doll under reedvelvet

5 thoughts on “good lawd i’m tired”

  1. the day off was good, took mommy out, ate at pf chang’s, got some cute shoes lol, had i been able to climb on Him when i got home it would have been the best day ever

  2. Great, dip into your reality pool. Thanks for allowing U/us in. i am just happy that you had dreams. That means that at least you really did get some deep sleep.

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