Life in Redux

i’m feeling kind of frustrated.  no word back from the publishing house so i’ll check on the self-publishing and see what makes the most sense both financially and distribution wise.  There’s a lot about that i don’t really understand so i don’t want to jump in without looking at all my options.  we’ve been chatting

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Minor Fall Major Lift

i don’t think this title will have anything to do with the post. i’m just doing the update rounds right now. i’m going to be working one day a week next month at the new job i was offered and then supposed to start full time in august. yes i know next month starts tomorrow

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One step wrong

this will be short. i’m in the middle of the season of missing my dad and it sucks. in the middle of that i was blindsided by my job. i’m actively looking for a new job, some local and some near my family, to make sure that come August 1 i’m either gainfully employed full

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