Life in Redux

i’m feeling kind of frustrated.  no word back from the publishing house so i’ll check on the self-publishing and see what makes the most sense both financially and distribution wise.  There’s a lot about that i don’t really understand so i don’t want to jump in without looking at all my options.  we’ve been chatting on the status of the relationship but everytime the big convo needs to happen something comes up on his end so it’s just in the same limbo point it’s been in forever.  i’m watching a show on teen nick and am actually jealous i don’t have someone that sets me on fire and makes me look at them with puppy dog eyes.  used to do that.  now i’d be staring at a picture and that just makes me feel a little psychotic.  i’m wanting to reach out to friends but don’t know which of the not totally screwed up but not feeling great places to start in my life.  i feel just blah.  not moody just blah.  thank heavens my cramps haven’t gone off the deep end.  insurance still hasn’t kicked back in and main guy i need to talk to is out of the office.  ahh well back to my show.

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