Just a little update

Velvet rope always makes me think of movies.  i’ll tinker with this one for a while and see what i feel like doing after this.  And i’m thankful that while i’m always looking for signs that God helps a sister out from time to time.  i need to get back on my hustle for sure.  Wow i was really slacking last year.  Well i guess every year since 2006.  The posts have declined steadily here.  i guess i could say i haven’t been feeling very submissive lately and that is quite true.  i haven’t had much of a reason to.  And when there’s no one stoking my imagination the smut is on short supply as well.  i so don’t know what to say other than i’m sorry.  With this post i have already posted more this year than all of last year and i still have four full months left.  Heaven help us all lol.

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