To Self-Publish or Not?

this probably won’t be long because i really don’t have much to say.  he’s not back, no immediate plans to come back, and i have tapped the patience reserve on how much longer i can be the faithful subbie girl.  i’m not a cheater so that’s not a huge issue but based on what’s going on there may not be a rebuilding point from here.  which really sucks.  yet another subbie lovefest that would have crashed and burned.  maybe i’m just supposed to write the smut and leave the rest of it alone.  which actually brings me to the reason i posted.  i know you guys have been waiting for the last four stories in the alphabet game.  well i submitted the whole thing to a publishing house that had published one of my short stories an eon ago in an anthology.  i’ve been waiting since April and have had no definitive response.  to me that means interest is low at best and i should just look into publishing it myself.  the whole wait and see thing just drives me nuts and i doubt another publishing house will take a risk on an unproven author who has let the main publishing avenue, this blog, fall by the wayside as her relationship tanked.  so i’m asking two questions to all of you that still manage to come by.  1) are you even interested in having all the stories in a collected body you can have at home?  and 2) if any of you have self-published what are some things i need to be aware of before i go forward with it?  there are a series of price options and retaining rights versus not so any advice would be welcome.

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