Little smiles

i spoke with my nieces.  no matter how i’m feeling they always make me giggle for a while.  i’ve been feeling funky all day for no apparent reason.  i made ice cream and that took forever for some reason but it’s freezing now.  i got the herbs planted and figured out how to set up moms tomato hanger thing.  but as the day has progressed my mood has tanked.  the shooting is abstractly crossing my consciousness but as always when there is some incident of this kind the speculation is rampant, exposure is much too heavy and my desire to partake of much of it wanes.  that’s part of why i love the cartoon network so much.  it was one of the only channels not showing the 9/11 attacks at the time.  after four hours of tragedy i started watching it and boomerang i think it was.  either way cartoons made me feel better.  so far today not so much.  just the cutie pies i’m too far away from.  i need something to boost me up, not sure what it will be, but i need something.  i was even mean to Him.  He’s been trying very hard to reconnect and the last two days i’ve been so irritated i can’t bring myself to talk very long.  ahh well i’m going to go now and hunt for dinner.

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