Random Updates

Today while scrolling through twitter i saw a blurb from Rachel Kramer Bussel who i love. If i was ever able to just live it all out in the open she’d so be someone i would love to hang out with cause she seems very down to earth and happy. And it’s not that i’m unhappy now but having to hide part of who you are so professionally you aren’t banished and so mom isn’t asking me if i am okay every four minutes isn’t fun either. ahh well i’m off tangent. She wrote a new piece which did have a great title and was a nice recap of what i could only call a masochistic dream week. Here’s the link so you can peruse at your will.  It’s funny, well written like all of her stuff is and made me realize i miss sex.  The plain old vanilla kind as well as the it hurts so good kind.  yes i know i could masturbate but that’s always a one and done for me unless something has me really worked up and it’s been a LONG minute since that happened.  i slightly miss undergrad now.  There was always a willing well tooled young man around to handle the borderline nymphomania i was afflicted with.  Alas, the men here are married, potential business associates, or just not even folks i want to see naked on the most painfully dry days.  Maybe one of my friends was right.  The boys that want to hurt me and fuck me within an inch of my life aren’t always good long term partners.  And the long term partners apparently get disinterested in sex.  Blah blah blah.  On a positive note, my frozen yogurt came out great even though i think i need a new machine that works faster and isn’t so bulky.  Then i can use that rock salt for the driveway if it ever snows again.  i had another interview today too, not sure how it went so i’m glad i already had a job lol.  k back to watching tv and work in the morning.

see ya,

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