Minor Fall Major Lift

i don’t think this title will have anything to do with the post. i’m just doing the update rounds right now. i’m going to be working one day a week next month at the new job i was offered and then supposed to start full time in august. yes i know next month starts tomorrow but you get my point. and very unexpectedly was just offered a phone interview for a different job that i applied for about the same time. it would be doing the same thing i used to do and thus may be subject to the same kind of office politics. however, it’s just a phone interview. doesn’t mean i’d be getting any further along in the process than that. plus mom through a tiny tantrum because she could basically because it’s not where she wants to live. but my mother really only wants to live in one place so she can visit her sisters, fight with her sisters and travel home to see my grandmother’s grave in three or four hours. not sure it really matters as i have a job but things are still not feeling totally settled so who knows could be the best thing for me to just move forward and see what happens. He’s still not back. probably won’t be back anytime soon as the kidney issues have not been resolved through dialysis or transplant and even if either happens there will still be months of recovery to endure. feels like the situation with RS all over again but different back story. ahh well. if i end up staying here and don’t have to use the extra paycheck to move with then i may look into self publishing the stories since i’ll have a bit stored up at that point. it won’t be for a few months probably so that i know what i’m doing for certain. figuring out how to sell it may be an issue since Paypal has said smutty things are no longer in their purview of allowed payments–not sure how they regulate that but can’t have money seized or frozen because they don’t like me anymore. ahh well, that’s it for now. have a good saturday all, red

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