December 2005

a new year is upon on us

two more days are left in 2005. it has been an interesting, intense, involved, and a few other i-words lol year for me. school is basically over. internship thank God is done. i am gainfully employed. i have a big enough apartment to not see my mother constantly whenever we finally get her furniture. please …

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just checking in

i guess i totally forgot about not posting as much lol. it’s the middle of the night so i have a moment to do this. i am heavy lidded so i may not be adding much to the blog right now. being home with my family, with nothing to worry about save when to wake …

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merry christmas

or hanukah or kwanzaa or boxing day or whatever it is you celebrate. i swear i will go to bed soon but i wanted to do an early morning post and wish everyone well. peace and blessings to all of you. red

okay just a quickie

after a few hours of bothering fedex i was able to make sure that Emperor’s gift which basically missed me in transit was safely in my apartment office. i made it to texas just fine and got my belated birthday gift from my brother and sister in law. yeah for bath junkie and victoria’s secret. …

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