alice through the looking glass

okay ladies and gents this may be long. i’ll tend to the domestic stuff first and then move on. the flights home were an adventure. all were delayed, mad dash through DFW airport to get to the next flight that was ultimately delayed at the gate AND on the tarmac. the last bit of the journey went fine. loaded up the car quickly and because i had at least attempted to park in the economy lot i was charged 4 dollars a day instead of the 6 that are the standard rate. got her food, got her home and got the pleasure of lugging her fifty four pound bag and forty pound bag AND a duffle bag (also hers) up my stairs lol. then we tidied up a bit and my one true pleasure with her being here (someone to play in my hair) occured for a while and we tidied up some more before she opted to occupy the other side of my bed (and snore heavily) for the night. must get her furniture TOMORROW, i am so not playing lol. of course all of this means hiding remnants of my time with Emperor–rope, a paddle, assorted condoms lol. so again must get her into her room as quickly as possible. no killing kittens when your mommy is within earshot. okay moving on.

i have been a jumble of emotions the last few days which i will attribute to coming down off of that hormone rush known as my period. the high was lovely but the crash sucked a big one. i hate being in a panic especially when He hasn’t done a damn thing to make it necessary. i mean when i think i am in trouble okay i should be in a panic but really i am terribly well behaved. if i have disappointed Him, again okay i should be in a tizzy till i can either take my punishment OR i can make it up to Him. the last few days were just about fear, that demon we all fight as subs/slaves. fear of not being who we are to the people we are with and feeling as though we may let them down in some unforgivable way. or fear that we aren’t good enough and that two days from now someone more appealing will usurp us. that very well may be the case but there is no need for me to dwell on it until it happens. fear has to be conquered, slowly but surely it will be.

speaking of my Emperor. i am so in love/lust with Him it is sickening. i love Him for making my life seem full in a way it hasn’t been for a long time. i lust after Him because truly His mind, His voice, the thought of His touch makes me want to kill kittens unless i have the pleasure of being with Him. He excites me both mentally and physically and to find both of those things in one person combined with the other wonderous thing He gives me i am sometimes just awestruck by Him. okay well enough with the gushing. be good folks.

1. Nervous habits… i fidget
2. Are you double jointed… Nope
3. Can you roll your tongue… nope
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time… Not really.
5. Can you blow spit bubbles… Yes.
6. Can you cross your eyes… nope
7. Tattoos… four, all hidden, butterfly, dragon, she devil and prince symbol
8. Piercings… 4, both ears twice
9. Do you make your bed daily… try hardly ever lol

10. Which shoe goes on first?… never paid attention
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone… Not that I recall.
12. On the average, how much money do you carry… Under $20, if any. But I always have my debit card
13. What jewelry do you wear 24/7… A silver pendant that is the chinese character for rabbit–the year i was born on the chinese zodiac
14. Favorite piece of clothing… a tank bra

15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it… Twirl
16. Have you ever eaten Spam… Yup. Fried Spam.
17. Do you use extra salt on your food… Sometimes.
18. How many cereals in your cabinet… one
19. What’s your favorite beverage… minute maid fruit juice
20. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant… chili’s
21. Do you cook… I love to cook. I don’t do it as often as I should, though.

22. How often do you brush your teeth… A couple times a day.
23. Hair drying method… hair dryer at the salon or tied down and let it air dry
24. Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair… usually once every six weeks to get rid of the gray

25. Do you ever swear… Yes. Especially when I’m driving.
26. Do you ever spit… I swallow. LOL

27. Animal… It’s a tie between cats and dogs (if my fish sees this he’ll throw a fit!)
28. Food… dessert
29. Month… december
30. Day… My day off.
31. Cartoon… Family Guy/Boondocks
32. Shoe brand… none in particular
33. Subject in school… science
34. Color… purple
35. Sport… basketball
36. TV shows… Law & Orders
37. Thing to do in the spring… thaw out
38. Thing to do in the summer… complain about the heat
39. Thing to do in the fall… Walk and kick through the crunchy fallen leaves.
40. Thing to do in winter… Bake. And drive around to look at christmas lights.
41. In the DC player… ladies and gentlemen the best of george michael
42. Person you talk most on the phone with… sidra
43. Reading… Blogs
44. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors… Nope.
45. What color is your bedroom… burgandy
46. Do you use an alarm clock… Yes.
47. Window seat or isle… aisle

48. What’s your sleeping position… I like to sleep on my left side
49. In hot weather do you use a blanket… Nope
50. Do you snore… Yes.
51. Do you sleepwalk… No.
52. Do you talk in your sleep… I’ve been told that I have on occassion.
53. Do you sleep with stuffed animals… yep and they are comfy
54. How about with the light on… No.
55. Do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on… yes
56. Last interesting person you met… dt

5 thoughts on “alice through the looking glass”

  1. Fried spam is yummy! Red I just had to giggle about your mom taking the other side of the bed and snoring.. “i am so not playing” LOL. My mom used to do the same danged thing, seemed to find nothing at all wrong or uncomfortable about the two of us snuggling together.. I was like get the heck away from me hehe. Maybe that’s why I learned to be such a bed hog, half the time I sleep spread eagled *blush*

    Oh… thank you for the sugar, sugar šŸ˜‰ *gets a spoon*

  2. properly fried spam is GOOD. when it’s just heated not so much.

    she not only snored all night. she woke up early wanting to talk. oh my goodness, must find her bedroom set now lol.

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