it’s the most wonderful time of the year

okay it is and it isn’t. we should finally be done with opening gifts and inhaling the christmas leftovers. but for many of us we are also remembering why we don’t like our relatives and dreading going through this ordeal next year. and for others of us we are just lonely and missing those we want close to us and it’s depressing. yeah i’m not depressed lol i just know that it happens. there’s a reason the suicide rate spikes around the holidays. the weight of loneliness becomes too much to bear. hopefully none of you are there yet and if you are there remember that someone loves you and needs you in their life no matter what you think.

okay moving on. i am back in totally complete love with my life. ain’t it funny. my mother isn’t driving me crazy, well except she wants to organize every damn thing in sight and that is so not cute. but even that isn’t disturbing me as much as it could. i know she’s doing it because she loves me, i’m just getting used to having another adult in my space really. it will get better or she’ll drive me crazy and i’ll get her out of here right fast and in a hurry. but truthfully i am just tickled about being alive right now. i have a good job, good friends, activities i like to do and a mother who will dote on me as long as i let her. i also have something that for the last four years has been especially lacking in my life.

i have a sense of peace and comfort i haven’t had in a while. i think i’m on the right track as the third decade of my life begins. i’m doing what is in my best interest most of the time. and i have Emperor and those things combined are more than i could have asked for in January. i am content in this moment and i wish that all of you the same feeling. i miss my Emperor and i adore Him but even that is better than not knowing He existed lol. life is good ladies and gents.

8 thoughts on “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”

  1. Life is very good. And I was so pleased when I came to your blog and saw that you thought so. It seems that life is not good for so many folks or at least they do not mention it very often when it is good.

    stay the course!

  2. yeah we can get distracted from what is good when we are overwhelmed by what is not, i really cannot complain right now. well i could but i won’t. whenever the universe decides i need to be with Emperor it will make it so. glad you are well too. have a good day.

  3. Red Velvet…. I’m so happy to find you well and enjoying the Holidays, even without your Emperor.. I really admire you for that… and no, LDR are defintely not for me… I’m on day 3 of being on my own, and ready to bite… grrrr… lololol…
    Ok.. was just coming in to tell you that I finally did you thingy… I know it took a while… I missed that post who knows how or why… but it is done now…;-)

  4. Wish you Happiness and Joy…
    And Blessings for the New Year.

    Wish you the best of everything…
    That you so well deserve.


  5. I must say my dear red – maybe it’s all those vibes you sent me when i was down. The universe is paying you back in kind – times three! And good on it too – you deserve nothing more than to be content and happy.

    I wish you all the best vibes back babe.. and happy NY’s.


  6. thanks lionette, the universe needs to be nice to all of us for a while.

    englishman thanks for your words as well. yes life is good when you are happy.

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