a new year is upon on us

two more days are left in 2005. it has been an interesting, intense, involved, and a few other i-words lol year for me. school is basically over. internship thank God is done. i am gainfully employed. i have a big enough apartment to not see my mother constantly whenever we finally get her furniture. please God let that be today. anyhoo, i am more comfortable with who i am and i have good friends who i adore. i have made new friends and i have abandoned those that have proven to be anchors. i saw an old love, one who i thought would own me forever, finally crumble and die. he’s a wonderful man, always has been but he’s not MY man and we both had to let that go for our own best interests.

i haven’t completely lost my mind or freaked out that my mother has decended upon what was my sacred space. and after i just couldn’t take it last night i snuck away to another part of the apartment and killed a kitten quite ruthlessly lol. sorry to the feline enthusiasts who don’t know what i’m talking about but read the blog more thoroughly and you will understand better i promise. but let me assure you now actual kittens were killed last evening.

i have started taking better care of me and embracing those things that make me incredibly feminine and adorable while still retaining what makes me uniquely myself. my mother is tickled which is nice but most importantly Emperor is happy which, say it all together now ladies and gents, makes ME happy. and yes then there is Emperor. Emperor who has made me quite happy and tickled and in lust with life and Him. it is a wonderful experience to adore that man. so my year has made an interesting turn and i cannot wait to see what happens next year.

see ya

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