t minus nine hours and seventeen minutes

okay so that’s what time i’m starting this post. i am actually writing in the safety and sanctity and momentary privacy of my bedroom. hopefully in six hours my mother will have a bedroom set and can sleep all by hersellllllllllllllf so i can be all by mysellllllllllllllllllllllf and kill a few kittens and type to my new lifestyle buddies without worrying about her trying to peep over and read what we are talking. like i said my bed isn’t THAT big so it’s been taking some massive adjustment of my body to type with any modicum of privacy. come on bed come on bed.

last night i decided i wanted a duck so on my daily errands i grabbed one among all the other things i needed to pick up today. that will be dinner along with my annual mandatory serving of black eyed peas and whatever else i opt to make tonight. can i just say i really do miss that four and a half years i did live solely by myself RIGHT now. getting used to her being here is going to take a LOT of work. and right now the only work i wanna be putting in is on my knees suctioned onto Emperor and blowing Him into the most delicious orgasm He has ever experienced. instead i’m sitting in my bed in shorts decompressing for a Wally-world shopping trip and really really really horny. did i mention really?

but in the grand scheme of things if this is the worst that could happen my life is good and i really can’t complain. i just have some wants that can’t be honored right now. in due time, good pet, in good time. oh and i might have found a third for Emperor and myself. i need to have all of us sit down and talk and go from there. okay enough for now. must watch cartoons.

see ya

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