happy new year ladies and gents

to my kind Sirs and good ladies (to steal the phrase of a friend), i do so hope that all of you have a wonderful transition into the new year. we are now at t minus three hours and eleven minutes till i officially greet 2006. we have achieved bedroom furniture for mommy. i get to sleep alone and daydream about Emperor tying me up and doing all sorts of ridiculous things that would throw my limbs out of socket and cause me no shortage of pain for a lengthy period of time. i am having the most delicious fantasies in my brain right now. partly because i met a few new people who make me feel even more at ease with myself and my wants. it’s wonderful when those things happen. people to remind you that while you may be different from the mainstream you are far from abnormal.

anyhoo as we inch closer to 2006 and my food is smelling delovely in my house i will probably not be on again till tomorrow afternoon. if i’m up late it’s because my Emperor joined me in fantasy for a while and distracted my poor subbie brain.

happy new year one and all
love ya—red

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