okay so it’s three days before christmas

and my normally calm self is well damn near comatose. work is boring with a capital BORING. there are only three of us in my office not including the secretary. we all look and sound like we’d rather be somewhere else and save one client i’m worried about and some paperwork that will take me all of five minutes to do, yeah nothing is going on in my nicely sized box. even if i turned on the radio and danced around a bit that would only kill a few minutes before i was back to feeling like eeyore lol. don’t get me wrong i LOVE eeyore but lord he’s dull. so what’s a girl to do when she’s bored off her butt and it’s three days before christmas? heck if i know so someone please tell me so i can do it. tonight i get to clean and organize things so when mommy comes then it’s just yip yip yippee, good old times around casa del red.

we have to find her a bedroom set when she gets here which should kill one of my afternoons but beyond that everything has been prepped for d-day. i love her but really how horrible was i in a past life that my mother moves in with me at 30? okay moving on.

strange dream report time: i’ve had a series of odd ones again. a few nights ago i was off somewhere arguing with Emperor (i know the horror the horror). He had gone out with someone else–strictly platonic according to Him but i am of course overly emotional for some unknown reason. we argue around it in circles for a while before He finally tells me to shut up and gives me what has been in His hand in His pocket for a while cause it’s all moist lol. it LOOKS like ring box but who would give their insolent sub a ring box in the middle of an argument? i open it up and surprise it’s a ring, a nice platinum engagement ring with a nearly flawless two carat diamond. i woke up after i looked up at Him and He was smiling at me. strange n’est pas?

okay and then last night. i had a dream that i was on this big brother type show, which i would never do because i love tv entirely too much to be cut off from it. even when nothing is on it i need the background noise. anyhoo, i was on the show and they gave us like 24 hours to get out of the house and see our family and friends and whatever. so we hit the mall and then were followed by some strange men until we got back to the house to use the cars they gave us. so now i’m driving off with another contestant and somewhere in that drive we picked up Emperor. He sat behind me as i was driving and periodically would just reach out and touch me. it was very nice, VERY nice to have Him there and for some reason we ended up at my old college and were driving up the Oval that is surrounded by the girls dorms. anyway, we parked on the Oval and the passenger was starting to get out as a student was rushing over to us with one of the old dorm directors (long since fired) who had shrunk or turned into a midget and was telling us to get off of the Oval. all the while i had repositioned myself some odd kind of way because Emperor kept rubbing my bottom like He was getting ready to spank me but wanted to find the right spot. i woke up and was highly confused but glad i couldn’t go back to sleep either. i wasn’t eating anything odd before bed so i’ll have to say it’s all hormonal but damn it was odd.

okay i’m done for now, i’ll probably be back later.

Your Elf Name Is…

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The Wooden Hairbrush – Some spankings can be
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punishment. The hard implement impacting
against your soft bottom reminds you of your
place in this world and in your relationship.
Your river of submission runs deep. It will
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3 thoughts on “okay so it’s three days before christmas”

  1. OMG when will I learn not to take the same tests as you?! LOL! I went to take the elf name one and got something like Flaky Fruitcake or something with my real name (which is likely appropriate lol) and something about Blinking Booty with my blog name. Then I found out the name changes every time you hit ‘submit’ so I was there clicking and giggling for like 5 minutes. Sheesh, how many bored subs does it take to change a light bulb, I wonder? šŸ˜‰

  2. Ah… I did the same as Taylor… stoping at Booty whatever whatever…and thought ok… this is mine…lolololol…
    I’m very happ your are feeling so ggod… I wish this will last very long…;-)

  3. gonna have to agree with the strange dreams – must be hormonal- i had a doozy last night… i’ll see your engagement ring and raise you KISSING SMASHBOX & HIMSELF’S GIRLFRIEND! ugh – when will somebody invent a dream machine that allows you to pick and choose your dreams… honestly – you’d have thought someone could do this by now!


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