The Little Engine That Could

Okay people this may be rambling and not coherent and honestly not at all of interest if you aren’t trying to make me your doe eyed devoted submissive.  You have been warned.

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the last few days and it has led me to something I’ve mentioned in other posts
lust is what gets my motor running as it were.  What has crystallized in the last few days is it’s more than just the lust.  Lust fires it up but intelligence and quiet control is what keeps the engine purring.  Without it then my engine is likely to sputter out and just not give a rats ass when I break down on the side of the road.  I won’t torch the car as I walk away like in this video but I’m not going to help you figure out what you did to damage the engine.  That’s not my job in my brain.  You’re the mechanic.  I’m just a faithful customer.  Well faithful within reason I mean some other engine repair company may be running a special.

Honestly the title of this post was to play on that analogy.  Don’t think you can be that man for me.  While you’re thinking I can almost promise you that the engine is stalling.  Be the man, the mechanic, the top of line super powerful quiet running engine manufacturer and then watch me become the thing that wet dreams are made of and that you will probably be holding on to the next time you are forced to fuck a basic off the assembly line model.  I’m not expensive to claim but I’m a pain to maintain.  The power of your mind is all I need to get my attention.  But for all that is holy don’t tinker with the engine if you give me your best material in hour one and are going to try to coast along on fumes and your cute frame afterwards.  Will I ride that frame for a while?  Well of course good Sir it’s a nice ass frame.  I might just ride it till the breaks fall off but after that you’ll be abandoned on the side of the road and I’m not even going to look for the AAA card.

Fine tune my brain.  Give it lots of lubrication to switch gears easily and then buff it to a nice clean shine and well you’ll be surprised how easy everything else comes at that point–especially me and by default you.  I want to know that you genuinely believe that you can be the man that I need and want.  If you can’t or don’t then the engine will sputter to a stop like the poor cars in Alaska without engine block heaters in the dead of winter.  The right man for the job always has the right tools and I submit that the biggest tool in your arsenal is between your ears.  The one between your thighs might be nice too but yeah do more than think you can before you reach under my hood and toy with my engine bits.

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