Bask in the Randomness that is red velvet

I cannot begin to tell you where this post is going to go.  That’s why it has been dubbed with randomness moniker.  I have to admit to being a little bit giddy today. While I haven’t been engaging in it today, Totally Naked Sunday can return for over a month. My mostly permanent house guest is off on her semi annual visit to my brother and thanks to five year old guilt will be there longer than she planned.  I mean who says no to not attending a preK graduation?  Well I would but it’s only because the kids are usually not that flipping excited about it like at all.  It’s totally for mom and dad but in this case my niece is super duper excited and wanted her grandmother there so win for her and win for me cause it gives me two more weeks alone.

I haven’t been engaging for valid and altogether random reasons.  Yesterday wasn’t Sunday but I came home after dropping her off, had a lovely orgasm thanks to the fucking machine along with Rob Piper and Veronica Avluv woosah that scene is ridiculous, and then did my hair.  Today I woke up, had to improvise with breakfast because I forgot to take something down last night to cook and have been working on things well for work.  And now I’m chilling as I was dishes, wash clothes, eat a snack and lollygag around until dinner time.  See I told you full of the randomness today.  I’m in a pretty good mood and I’m feeling productive.  I’m not feeling horny at the moment but give it some time lol.

Really though I’m mentally in a happy space and I’m going to enjoy it until work kicks my butt or something causes a bit of random disappointment.  I’m going to try to tackle one more project and then I might get back to writing some smut.  I don’t have any inspiration at the moment so not sure how that will work but until then know that red is relaxing and TNS will ride again.  See ya!

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