Dear Mr. Dom: I Think I Lust Ya

For those of you that remember Prince please take a moment to remember U Got The Look.  I’d link it for you but as much as I love my purple boo thing I’m not trying to meet him in court.  Unless maybe we’re settling a palimony lawsuit after we’ve spent a decade together and I’ve inspired the greatest love song ever written.  But that’s not likely, I’m too old and round for him lol.  Anyhoo, that tangent aside please just think about the song if you can as you read along.

Dear. Mr. Dom
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed I am a stubborn kind of girl
I struggle with what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling
Part of me is aching, screaming out for you
The most that may come from my lips is
“I think I, I think I lust ya”
The men that can’t hurt me
Are easy to manipulate
They don’t ooze through my brain and seep through my pores
Leaving me desperate and begging for more
Unlike you I can tell them what I need
But at most you’ll ever hear from me is
“I think I, I think I lust ya”
There will be moments you are unsure I am even interested
I will apologize to you for that now
Just know that in the secret part of my twisted depraved little heart
I genuinely just don’t know how to say more than
“I think I, I think I lust ya”
I’m looking forward to being under your thumb
To seeing just deep down the rabbit hole your
Wonderfully sadistic creative brain goes
Know that I’ll be in a state of euphoria so deeply fulfilling
That words won’t come nearly as easy as the tears my orgasms do
So remember again and each time we meet that
“I think I, I think I lust ya”

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