February 2006

general update

okay folks i know it’s probably seemed like a long time since i said anything lol, compared to how i used to post definitely, but really i am just getting a moment to sit still and tell you all of this. as much pain as i was in the last week and the confusion i’ve

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i’ll be blogging more infrequently for a while more to come. i need to finish a project and get my body ready for the impending drama that breakups bring to the fore. i love Him madly and He is leaving me for her. she appears to be a better match for Him and i was

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testing, testing

it’s felt like forever since i was able to sit here with a clear mind and write something. i don’t have any happy resolutions for you, well any resolutions truth be told, so if you came over to check on that i can’t help JUST yet. what i can tell you is the overwhelming amount

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being still

this week hasn’t been entirely fun at all. i’ve been stressed and depressed and anxious and have this repeated notion that someone is reaching inside my chest to rip out my heart. i have been working more which is good i guess but as soon as the work is over then what do i get

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simply Him

this may be one of those long flowery posts so if you keep reading you were warned. after more days apart than i care to be aware of right now we’ll be together soon. as i left wal-mart and headed home i got intensely calm. the worries of this week, this month, this extended separation

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