inching toward 200, say goodbye to 4000

okay i haven’t done a random stats post in a while and this part of the post will be brief. a few days ago the rope saw it’s 4000th unique hit and thanks to all of you that have visited in that time. it’s nice to know i’m not so odd and random that no one is interested in what i have to say. in addition to the now 4100 plus of you that have come through, i am two posts away (after this one) from hitting my 200th post period. lord i talk a lot lol. well of course i do otherwise i would have chosen a different job. oh well enough of the happy happy numbers crunching.

i am typing this on my brand new laptop which i have to say is sooooooooooooo wonderful. huge screen, huge harddrive, multiple USB ports (i found the other two by the way i’m a dork lol). i just need to transfer the files from my old system to this one and i have moved into the thin and lightweight medium of laptop ownership. one of my silly movies went off (simply irresistible) and now night at the roxbury is on. i am about to change it though, i’m not feeling this brain dead yet. i woke up a few hours ago and have been playing on the blogshares website. helping to clean out blogs there is earning me about a billion a pop and is increasing my available cash balance which is fun. i’m a dork as i mentioned before lol.

the universe i operate in offline was hit by a wave of bad news. several of the men we know were notified that they may have to report to active status and depart the lives of the women that know and love them. husbands, boyfriends and fathers may be heading off to iraq or afghanistan or wherever else we are still “at war” but not “at war.” they will know for certain on monday but that makes for a long weekend for all involved, including myself as the nice new man is amongst the collective. i’m not really worried about my involvement in that piece of it. we just met and i do find him ummm yummy but i’m more worried about him and his daughter. she’s not old enough to be logical about it. all she’ll know is daddy is gone and since he’s the only parent she has this could seriously be a bad moment in her life. i remember the moment, my father was almost sent to the first iraq squirmish but was allowed to stay at the last minute. i’m hoping this is just a pause for all of them, an uncomfortable weekend at best because the loss in this case is more than i think anyone is currently prepared for. keep the women that love all of them in your thoughts please and let’s keep our fingers crossed that on monday when everyone is getting blitzed out of their minds it’s out of happiness. because we will all be getting blitzed on monday one way or the other lol.

okay enough of my ramblings now

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