simply Him

this may be one of those long flowery posts so if you keep reading you were warned. after more days apart than i care to be aware of right now we’ll be together soon. as i left wal-mart and headed home i got intensely calm. the worries of this week, this month, this extended separation started to leave my body. a switch went off and all i could really focus on was soon i’ll be with Him. it’s a minor thing to some i know but that calm hasn’t visited me since i saw Him last. when i got home and started prepping for my flight i nearly cried from the simple elation of the next sixty or so hours. i’ll be bordering on distraught as i fly home because i know everytime i see Him the more i don’t want to be anywhere else but with Him. but i’ll never be happier in a sense because i know He’s in my life. the complications of life will leave me as soon as i step foot on that plane and if i’m lucky i’ll get to ride that feeling out for a while. i’m going to be able to quit sacrificing kittens too and i’m sure the ASPCA was going to come after me soon because they have been dropping like flies the last week or so. i am so happy right now all i can do is say thank you all for riding out the last few months and 100+ posts. see ya in a few days.


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